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mucuna pruriens (kaunch beej) 300gm
mucuna pruriens (kaunch beej) 300gm

mucuna pruriens (kaunch beej) 300gm

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A tropical legume also known as velvet bean, has been used by ancient healers and is making waves in the scientific community. Ayurvedic herbal medicine has relied on Mucuna pruriens since 1500 BC to support ailments such as snakebite, intestinal disorders, sexual response, and melancholy mood. Let’s take a look at the recent studies that have evaluated how this uncommon plant can support brain health and stress management.

M. pruriens is a widespread fodder plant in the tropics. To that end, the whole plant is fed to animals as silage, dried hay or dried seeds. M. pruriens silage contains 11-23% crude protein, 35-40% crude fiber, and the dried beans 20-35% crude protein