Penis enlargement remedies have been in use since time immemorial. From Chinese herbal medicine to traditional Indian medicine, herbs and spices have been used to add extra inches to the penis and help men last longer in bed. 

One exotic herb used to naturally enlarge the penis is known as Entengo. Hailing from Africa, this herb acts as a natural sexual stimulant to elongate the penis. It is recommended for those who suffer from erectile dysfunction, as it naturally hardens the penis. Since it is an herbal product, it does not have side effects and thus safe to use for all! 

How does it work?

Entengo boosts blood circulation in the body and increases blood flow to the penis. Also known as Mulondo, this herb is widely used in Africa to increase sex drive and sexual activity. It controls premature ejaculation and makes sure men can do more in bed. This herb should be consumed regularly to enhance sex drive and enlarge the penis.

Entengo products 

Entengo herb is available in powder and cream form. Powder can be consumed by mixing with water or milk, and ideally consumed at night time. Creams can be applied topically to boost blood flow to the erectile chamber. They should be used to massage the area regularly, in order to elongate the penis. Make sure you research the company before buying these products and go for reliable brands. Some companies offer free samples that you can use before buying more. 

How long for results to show? 

Give the product at least two months to work on your body. Maintain a record of your penis size before starting on the pills. If you see positive results, then continue with it. 

Entengo penis enlargement remedies

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