Do you want to increase the size of your penis? Do you want to boost your sexual performance? Do you want to have more confidence while having sex? If you do, then you should try this male enhancement cream called Entengo. It is manufactured using natural ingredients, most of which are derived from Mulondo herbal plant.

How does it work

Entengo male supplement works by increasing the flow of blood to the penis. The increased supply of blood will make the penis more elastic resulting in an increase in its size. It also helps to heal the scars resulting from overstretching during exercise.

Is there any Side effects?

Entengo male enhancement is 100% safe since it is manufactured using natural ingredients. As such, using it will not cause you any permanent or adverse side effects.

Benefits of using Entengo

It increases the size of the penis.
It is safe to use.
It reduces the spread of sexually transmitted diseases(STIs)
It improves blood circulation in the body.
It eliminates infertility.
Not limited to males only.

How to use

This product can be used externally by rubbing the cream around the penis. This should be done twice in a day, usually in the morning and at night. It can also. It can also be used by women, where the cream is also rubbed around a woman’s breast. If you are interested in using Entengo capsules, you should note that 2-4 capsules should only be taken two times a day.


The main ingredients used in making this male enhancement supplement are mulondo roots. The other ingredient is tropical herb extracts.

Results of using Entengo

Most of those who have used this product have witnessed an increase in the size of their penis after a short period of time.This happened without any side effects whatsoever. Using this male supplement also increases the levels of testosterone in the body. It also helps to keep the penis stay erect even after sex

Entengo Penis enlargement cream

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