Penis size may be a factor in sexual satisfaction, especially to women. This is why every man wants to have a penis size that he can confidently be sure that his wife would derive maximum pleasure from during intercourse. This is also the reason the demand for penis enlargement solution is high in the market. However, no one is sure which of these remedies are efficient. Even if they are, some have not been clinically tested to ensure that what is being used does not have adverse side effects that are worse than a small penis and frustration during sex. This is why it is important that any remedy recommended must be tested and known to work at increasing the size of the penis without having unpleasant effects. Such remedies must also not affect the libido or the duration of time in which the man maintains his erection. This is why the best of these are natural roots and herbs that peoples have used for generations since time immemorial and have actually thrived using them. The evidence of such is found in the sexual reproductive health of the people as well as their general well-being. One of such remedies is the Mulondo. This herb has been used in Eastern Africa since time immemorial to enlarge penis size. In this area, the herb has been
incorporated into the people’s diet sometimes because of the many health benefits associated with Mulondo. Prominent of these is its capacity to enlarge penis size. In areas such as the Sudan, boys are given Mulondo as from 2 years until they are adolescents. This is why this region has men with large penis sizes and a population of sexually satisfied women. This is the reason why marriages last long in many parts of Africa. Women are generally satisfied with their partners. Another herb commonly used in penis enlargement is the Entengo. Entengo is found in the forests of Southern Africa, another region where men have unusually large penises. Although there are myths on how the herb was discovered, no one is exactly sure of the authenticity of the stories. What is certain is that the
people have been using Entengo to boost the size of the penis of the male population mainly to ensure that men satisfy their wives during sex. The Entengo and Mulondo African herbs have had application not just for penile enlargement, there have been instances in which they are used to restore waning libido in men and even in women. For instance, it is estimated that the Kampala population of Uganda in East Africa consume a ton of Mulondo daily.
Among the users are women some of whom use it to rekindle their interest in sex with their husbands. One of the ladies interviewed by researchers said that she noticed diminished interest in sex after a family planning procedure. A friend recommended Mulondo to her and using the herb, her interest in sexual activities rekindled. Such stories are not uncommon in Uganda. Men in these places and elsewhere believe that to give a woman pleasure during sex, the man must not ejaculate before the woman is satisfied. These herbs are known to delay ejaculation in men. They have been found to be effective treatment for premature ejaculation that affects more than 10 percent of men.

Increase Penis Enlargement

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