From the African continent, the Back to Your Roots company has discovered the Entengo herb to naturally grow your member. The Entengo herb has been used in Africa for ages to not only grow your member but act as a sexual stimulant every time you apply it! As you put the cream on your penis, you’ll feel the blood flowing as you grow. If you’re a man dealing with erectile dysfunction, having the Entengo herb can help you with your fight against impotency. It also works for the ladies, too! It can work as a stimulant for producing breast milk and fighting nasty period pain. Men, all you have to do is run the cream on your penis twice a day, and you’ll see a difference in size over time. Make sure you have a near-full erection when you massage to make it grow faster. Come try it out today!


Grow Your Penis with This Cream!

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